Types of leather damage part 1

Picture the scene.  You just got your new leather sofa broken in and you’re feeling great.  You love the fact that after a long day at work, you can relax on your couch.  One day, you get home to discover that Fido, who knows he isn’t supposed to be on the couch, not only got on, but had a party on your leather furniture!  As a result, you see that your beloved couch now has several punctures and scratches.

Scratches and punctures are just two types of damage that can occur on leather.  A puncture happens when too many pounds per square inch are exerted in a point on your leather, causing the leather to give way and a hole to form.

A scratch is pretty self explanatory.  This can occur when Fido, Junior, or one of any number of creatures with nails gets your leather under its claws.  This can cause your leather to look inconsistent in appearance, which detracts from its overall aesthetic appeal.

Leather repair is going to be your best bet at this point.  It’s cheaper than you may think and it’s also an exact science.  We can repair your leather and make it look new again; we can even get Fido out of the “dog house” and back into your good books!  Find out how by chatting with us now!

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