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Leather Cleaning Service Houston

We are proud to offer an unbeatable leather cleaning service to all of the leather lovers in Houston and surrounding areas.  There are many reasons to get your leather cleaned and just one of them is because it will make your leather last longer.  Keep reading to find out more…

As Texans, we love our leather don’t we?  We love everything about it, the smell, the look, the feel, the sound, and more.  Every one of our senses is touched by leather (maybe not taste, but if that’s your thing…).  When we walk into our house at the end of a long day and we see that beautiful plush leather couch sitting there just begging us to relax on it we feel very happy and proud to be the owner of a beautiful leather product.

When that Houston leather needs to be cleaned

There comes a time though, when  every Houston Texan may see their formerly clean leather couch and say, “that sure looks dirty” and maybe because of its look or newly acquired smell, it isn’t the first place we go when we get home anymore.  If this is the case then the leather furniture may need to have a good leather cleaning service.

A good leather cleaning service will restore your leather to an amazingly fresh look and make it smell good again as well.  This is all part of leather ownership; taking care of our leather like it is a cherished possession.

You should clean leather by yourself in between having the professionals clean your leather furniture. This will help to make sure that you don’t get to the point where a leather cleaning service turns into needing to have a leather color restoration service instead.

So as we can see then, clean leather is a thing of beauty, a  professional Houston leather cleaning service is something we should get from time-to-time to avoid unnecessary repairs, and when we do these things, we can have a long lasting, loving relationship with our leather furniture.

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Leather Furniture restoration

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Like Leather Repair? No? Buy Right!

So if you’ve decided to purchase leather furniture.  You have several options for your purchase, including new and used leather furniture.

New leather furniture

How delightful the smell.  New leather furniture is a pleasure to purchase and to own.  Sometimes though, there is more than meets the eye when purchasing leather furniture.  For example, is the furniture really leather.  Yes, that’s correct, sometimes the main seats and back cushion are really leather while the rest of the furniture may not be.  Often times the cheaper leather furniture has vinyl sides and backs, where we don’t typically see.  This is fine if you want cheaper furniture that still looks nice.  The fact of the matter is though, that with this type of mostly leather furniture, you may end up needing leather furniture repair.  Good Leather repair in Houston Texas is also difficult to find sometimes.  If you want to avoid needing leather furniture restoration, it can often be best to invest a little more up front for authentic leather furniture.

So, off to the furniture store you go!  Make sure you check the sides and backs of the furniture to ensure it is real leather and don’t be afraid to ask questions of your sales person.  Buying good furniture up front can often save you money on leather repair in the future.  In order to avoid saying, “we need a leather repair,” shop smart in the first place.  We know you will.  Have fun!

Leather Man Leather Repair



Leather furniture restoration Houston

Leather Furniture Restoration May or May Not be What You Need

Leather furniture restoration is sometimes what you may need, not necessarily a repair.  The need for leather repair often indicates that some sort of damage has taken place.  Lets say you were moving your furniture for example and you took the pictures off the wall, but not the nails.  You can see where this is going.  Yep, you move right past the large nails for your big pictures, and you hear a RIP.  Now that you have ripped your furniture, you need it repaired, so you call the leather furniture repair people and find out how much it will cost to get this fixed.  In what cases would leather furniture restoration be needed but not a repair?  Read on: Now lets say you have been a very careful leather furniture owner your entire life.  You’ve never ripped, tore, or otherwise damaged your leather because you were very very careful.  This is wonderful!  Yet, when you look at your leather furniture, it doesn’t quite look like it did before.  What do I mean? Basically, that lush color and amazing smell that was there from the start, is gone. Perhaps your leather furniture has sat next to your big windows in your house in Houston Texas.  Now it is faded and looks old!  What’s a furniture owner to do?  Because of your leather furniture being faded by by the sun in Houston, wouldn’t it make sense to get leather furniture restoration in Houston? When you use leather furniture restoration services your furniture will be able to look like it did when it was new!  Maybe your furniture looked like some of these.  But isn’t it comforting to know that it can look life the after photos as well?

Where to get Leather Repair in Houston

Leather Man in Houston Tx is here to help with all of your leather furniture restoration needs.  As you see in our gallery, we know how to make an ailing piece of furniture shine again.  Give us a try!  You can chat with us right now in the chat box for more information, or drop us a line.  We look forward to serving you!

this is what Leather furniture restoration could do for your furniture

this is what Leather furniture restoration could do for your furniture

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Leather Furniture Cleaning

Do you like the word “cleaning”?  When we think of cleaning, we can sometimes think of a rigorous painful experience; perhaps when you think of cleaning windows, cleaning blinds, or even cleaning electronics.  Cleaning your leather though, that is actually easier than you may think.  Here are a few steps to cleaning your leather furniture

Step 1.

Obtain a preferred cloth.  Get your favorite dry cloth and then dust your leather furniture.  Doing this will remove the dust that has accumulated and may even help the furniture to look better.

Step 2.

Obtain a vacuum cleaner.  Now that you have your vacuum cleaner vacuum out an crevices or cracks in your leather furniture.  This will keep all of the little dirt particles from possibly damaging your leather.

By regularly following these two basic steps you can keep your leather clean.  Also, remember that you should wipe up spills right away so they don’t turn into problems in the future.  Also, doing this will help your leather furniture last longer and reduce the chance of you needing a leather repair and restoration service.

If it turns out that you do need leather repair and restoration services in Houston Texas, then rest assured, knowing that you can trust Leather Man Leather Repair and Restoration for all of your leather repair and restoration needs.  We look forward to helping in any way we can.

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Leather care v. leather repair

One of the best ways to ensure that you don’t need leather repair in the first place is to take good care of your leather right now!  Try following these easy steps:

Taking Care of Your Leather

1.  If your material happens to get a spill on it, let it air dry at room temperature after you have soaked up the majority of the moisture.  Do not panic and apply heat (e.g. hair dryers) to the leather; the best thing to do is allow the leather to air dry at room temperature.  Attempts to quickly dry the leather using heat may do more damage than good.

2.  Keep your leather moisturized.  You bought the furniture, in part, because of its plush, beautiful appearance.  Keeping leather that way requires a little effort.  There are many conditioners and other products on the market that help keep your leather looking, smelling, and feeling amazing.  Moisturizing products will prevent your material from drying out and cracking, thus preventing the need for leather repair in the future.

3.  Keep it clean!  When your leather gets dirty from use, make sure it gets cleaned.  Cleaning your leather will ensure that you prevent microscopic particles, including tiny rocks and other abrasive materials, from damaging your leather.  Over time, if not cleaned regularly, these tiny pieces of leather-harming material can damage your furniture, eventually leading to the need for leather repair.

These are just a few tips that, if followed, could help prevent your from needing a repair in the first place.

However, if you do end up needing leather repair, give us a call!  We are proud to offer leather repair services in the Houston area.

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Call us Now for your leather repair needs! Juan Lobato: 832 799 2678 Andrew Lindsey: 832 800 2067

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Types of Leather Damage Part 2

Previously, we considered punctures and scratches in your leather.  But, there is more that can happen to your furniture!  Have you ever walked past your leather furniture while carrying scissors or a knife?  If you have, you may have experienced a tear in your leather.  A tear occurs when something sharp contacts your leather furniture.  As a result, you may need leather repair.  A tear can be one of the most visually unappealing types of damage your leather can receive; they are sometimes long, always ugly, and generally very sad to look at.

Don’t live with a piece of furniture that you find embarrassing and frustrating.  There are several options for leather repair in Houston, but when you call Leatherman, you are trusting your furniture to a family owned and operated company, experienced in all aspects of leather repair and restoration.  See some of what we are able to do for your leather furniture.  Click the chat box to chat now.  Or, you can give us a call or send us an email.

Call us Now!   Juan Lobato: 832 799 2678 Andrew Lindsey: 832 800 2067

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