Like Leather Repair? No? Buy Right!

So if you’ve decided to purchase leather furniture.  You have several options for your purchase, including new and used leather furniture.

New leather furniture

How delightful the smell.  New leather furniture is a pleasure to purchase and to own.  Sometimes though, there is more than meets the eye when purchasing leather furniture.  For example, is the furniture really leather.  Yes, that’s correct, sometimes the main seats and back cushion are really leather while the rest of the furniture may not be.  Often times the cheaper leather furniture has vinyl sides and backs, where we don’t typically see.  This is fine if you want cheaper furniture that still looks nice.  The fact of the matter is though, that with this type of mostly leather furniture, you may end up needing leather furniture repair.  Good Leather repair in Houston Texas is also difficult to find sometimes.  If you want to avoid needing leather furniture restoration, it can often be best to invest a little more up front for authentic leather furniture.

So, off to the furniture store you go!  Make sure you check the sides and backs of the furniture to ensure it is real leather and don’t be afraid to ask questions of your sales person.  Buying good furniture up front can often save you money on leather repair in the future.  In order to avoid saying, “we need a leather repair,” shop smart in the first place.  We know you will.  Have fun!

Leather Man Leather Repair



Leather furniture restoration Houston

Leather Furniture Restoration May or May Not be What You Need

Leather furniture restoration is sometimes what you may need, not necessarily a repair.  The need for leather repair often indicates that some sort of damage has taken place.  Lets say you were moving your furniture for example and you took the pictures off the wall, but not the nails.  You can see where this is going.  Yep, you move right past the large nails for your big pictures, and you hear a RIP.  Now that you have ripped your furniture, you need it repaired, so you call the leather furniture repair people and find out how much it will cost to get this fixed.  In what cases would leather furniture restoration be needed but not a repair?  Read on: Now lets say you have been a very careful leather furniture owner your entire life.  You’ve never ripped, tore, or otherwise damaged your leather because you were very very careful.  This is wonderful!  Yet, when you look at your leather furniture, it doesn’t quite look like it did before.  What do I mean? Basically, that lush color and amazing smell that was there from the start, is gone. Perhaps your leather furniture has sat next to your big windows in your house in Houston Texas.  Now it is faded and looks old!  What’s a furniture owner to do?  Because of your leather furniture being faded by by the sun in Houston, wouldn’t it make sense to get leather furniture restoration in Houston? When you use leather furniture restoration services your furniture will be able to look like it did when it was new!  Maybe your furniture looked like some of these.  But isn’t it comforting to know that it can look life the after photos as well?

Where to get Leather Repair in Houston

Leather Man in Houston Tx is here to help with all of your leather furniture restoration needs.  As you see in our gallery, we know how to make an ailing piece of furniture shine again.  Give us a try!  You can chat with us right now in the chat box for more information, or drop us a line.  We look forward to serving you!

this is what Leather furniture restoration could do for your furniture

this is what Leather furniture restoration could do for your furniture

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